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I Change But I Don’t Like Changes

I got this message saying that my old blog site of MSN Messenger was now going to be WordPress.  Not happy.  Now I have to go through all the settings and get new passwords and all that jazz and I simply liked my old one.  I had tried Blogspot like most people use and found it not at all user friendly and I find this new one not user friendly either.  I want my old one back.  We are still struggling with setting up a new DVD player that is connected to our wireless.  I want to be tech savvy, but enough is enough.  Make it easy for us from the older generation guys.  I want to document my life as a grandmother, aka, Popo and this isn’t making that easy on me.

I just did a preview and my picture for the setting is all over the place and the background picture makes the text impossible to read. 

So, let me know what you think and give me any hints you can.

Tools ‹ Counting Our Blessings In Tucson — WordPress

Tools ‹ Counting Our Blessings In Tucson — WordPress.