Happy Birthday…Happy New Life:)

Well, I am late again in getting to my “hear ye…hear ye”.  However, it has been an exceptionally busy week with many things to celebrate.

This young man who turned 40 yesterday has had a very busy week as well.  You see…he got married two days before his 4oth.  So, we have had a week of celebrating his life and the new love of his life.

So…here we go again…HEAR YE…HEAR YE…let it be known that on the 2oth day of June in the year of 1971, on Father’s Day, no less…a son was born…the second born to his parents.  It was a hot June day, not at all unlike the hot days of any June. 

We offer thanks to our God for this life given to the world that evening as the sun went down on Father’s Day…close to the summer soltice.  A Gemini was born.  Sean brought many things to our lives and he has taught us so much about life.  It has been a journey, an inspiration, a challenge at times, an education.  Most of all, it has been about life and love. 

We give thanks for his love of life…his spirit…his faith…his understanding…his acceptance of all.  His love for his parents and family in general.  His love and devotion to his siblings.  His love of his dogs.  Most of all…his new love…his wife, Katherine.  His genuine spirit of gentleness embraces all who know and love him.  We give thanks for his ability to relate to and teach children with disabilities…great and small.  His patience is admirable,  beyond measure. 

We are proud to call him our son and to welcome his new wife to our family.  Now he has one more event to celebrate on his birthday weekend…Happy Birthday…Happy Life Sean Katherine. 


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