10 Best Things About The Summer-Part Two

Crazy Cake  #6 CRAZY CAKE

Sojo has a lot of allergies, so finding something yummy and sweet, requires some searching for something with no eggs, no dairy and no peanuts.  I remembered a cake from my childhood that my mother made, called Crazy Cake.  It was also called “depression cake” because it came about out of necessity then because rich foods like dairy and eggs were unavailable. Or maybe it was called “depression cake” because you put the dry ingredients in the pan and then make 3 depressions to pour the liquids into.   It is so simple and fun to make, right in the pan it is baked in.  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/crazy-cake/   Sojo likes it plain without frosting.  I like a bit of frosting.

That’s it for now.  More Best Things later.  I have written this so many times and then lose it…I am going to try it with just one picture this time….